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Jobs in Guangzhou

01-Sep-2011 Quality Control Supervisor Integra International Ltd. Guangzhou
30-Aug-2011 Sales Intern - Exec Recruitment IlaowaiGroup Guangzhou
30-Aug-2011 Receptionist - PA to GM Recruitment IlaowaiGroup Guangzhou
02-Aug-2011 Sales Intern - Exec Recruitment Advert Template IlaowaiGroup Guangzhou
14-Jul-2011 Looking for foreign teachers in Guangzhou, China Alcanta Vocational School Guangzhou
13-Jul-2011 Sales Executive Ilaowai Group Guangzhou
13-Jul-2011 Receptionist / Personal Assistant to General Manager Ilaowai Group Guangzhou
13-Jul-2011 Art Director Ilaowai Group Guangzhou
28-Jun-2011 Hair Stylist (Full Time ) SOFAR FOR HAIR SALON Guangzhou
23-Jun-2011 Marketing innovation manager for a multinational beer company Shenzhen HR Solution Consulting Ltd Guangzhou
22-Jun-2011 Receptionist / Personal Assistant to General Manager IlaowaiGroup Guangzhou
22-Jun-2011 English Language Teachers / Educational Center Managers IlaowaiGroup Guangzhou
22-Jun-2011 Marketing Executive / Assistant Manager IlaowaiGroup Guangzhou
22-Jun-2011 IT Executive / Assistant Manager IlaowaiGroup Guangzhou
13-Jun-2011 iOS Development Intern - Internship Uoutlook Education International Guangzhou
30-May-2011 Foreign EngLish teachers Beijing oden international culture center Guangzhou
27-May-2011 Sales Interns / Executive ilaowaigroup Guangzhou

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